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So, here's outdoor writing spot number two. Its a very small space, just room for one small, straight-backed chair.Read more... )

Read more... )

Bit by bit this place becomes right for my needs. I could have sat here on the old chair if Andrew was still alive, but I probably would have wondered if I was preventing him from doing so. Or he would have been watching TV just inside the door, and I wouldn't have had this peace. I certainly would not have had this more comfortable chair, nor this iPad!

Yes, I would swap all that to get him back — but back in health and clarity. More and more I understand that he could not have gone on. The deterioration was continuing and escalating, no matter how we tried to keep it at bay. His quality of life would have been rat-shit had he lingered; more and more so. And so I have my bouts of fierce sobs, and also my increasing pleasure in my home and my solitude.
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I've set up an outdoor writing area.

When I did the 'Writing and Spiritual Development' course a little while back, I enjoyed sitting out on the back veranda, overlooked by my neighbours' trees, and writing in my journal. That was a notebook and pen job, but now I like to journal on my iPad, and although I could do that on my lap, I prefer to sit at a table. So I dragged out the old card table I used to use in my market stall, and took the little, straight outdoor chair from the front step (the spot for sitting in the sun — but not during the hot summer now beginning).

I've set up right next to the utility corner where I store clothes horse, floor mop and gardening tools — the only space available — but I have angled things so I look at the trees. I sat there late this afternoon, set up my iPad and wrote a poem that had been hovering all day. It was nice.

I would like to find another chair for the front veranda, but there's no rush. I'll start quietly looking.
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I received an email recently from the (living) poet I most admire in all the world. (He’s right up there with some of my favourite dead ones too.)  He’d come across some of my writing online, including a mention of his first book, and wrote to thank me for the mention.

Given  that poetry is my greatest, my lifelong passion, this was a very big deal. Read more... )
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I'm ever so delighted to have a poem in the OCHO Twitter Poets issue edited by Collin Kelley and Didi Menendez. You can see Collin's post about it here.

Yes, it's full of poets who post on Twitter, 38 of us. (My Twitter name is @SnakyPoet.)

I'm in excellent company there; the whole issue is a very good read, and will also be available from Amazon soon.

The issuu site, where you can view it online or download it, looks very interesting altogether to writers and readers, btw. Detailed explanation at Wikipedia.


Jul. 18th, 2008 06:49 pm
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I think I must be the only person in the world not on facebook. Oh no, there is at least one other, who wrote a blog detailing his long saga to try and get off. You can get off easily enough, but your details will still be there waiting to be reactivated with a click. Should you want to be removed completely, that is very difficult.  For more details, read 2504 Steps to Closing Your Facebook Account

And why should that matter?  Well, if you're a writer, just don't post your writings there! This is why: Writing for Facebook
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I wrote a poem about a friend who hanged herself in 1983. (I'm writing a series about people who have made an impression on me in my life.) Then I wondered how and where her widower was now. Good old Google! I found him teaching at an o/s university. What about her kids (well and truly grown up by now)? The two oldest turned out to be in different European countries, the youngest living and working in Melbourne. Their names are unusual, and besides I saw photos of the older ones, who look like their mum. Then I went back and softened certain brutal details I'd included in the poem. Unlikely any of them would ever read it, but not impossible. They don't need to re-experience horror at my hands! Then I looked up my friend's name; after all she was well-known in her field.  Yes, I found her too, her memory honoured for the good work she did for others during her life. I'm glad to have discovered that.


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