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I said I would use this LJ to complain sometimes about my youngest with whom I have had a troubled relationship for about seven years. I haven't detailed that here, though some of my readers here do know about it.  Suffice to say that he has many grievances against me, and when he stayed with me for 11 weeks, on and off, late last year and early this year, life gradually became hell for WriterHubby and me, from which it took considerable time to recover. A long story! Moving right along –

After the dramas of a few months ago, my very psychic friend Marieah told me she ‘saw’ a past life I’d shared with my youngest (he to whom I refer as the Prodigal). In that lifetime, she said, he had been my husband, and my present husband was then my lover. The two men had killed each other over me. She told me that fragments of the Prodigal’s soul were still caught in my aura, like a butterfly caught in a spider-web. As I was the spider, it was my job to unravel the web and free these fragments so his soul could be whole, and go on its path unrestrained.

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No sooner did I declare I was in a healer phase than I was presented with a friend’s medical drama. Our old mate James came to stay with us, and the night he arrived he had a heart attack and I ended up driving him to hospital around 3 a.m. He was transferred to another hospital and had an angioplasty, i.e. a stent was inserted into an artery that had totally closed. He’s back with us again now and has made a remarkable recovery.

Luckily he was pretty healthy in general; that helped. Also I did a lot of Reiki when it happened, and since. My nurse neighbour tells me there is ‘a very small window’ and is sure the Reiki must have been instrumental in saving his life – because it took a while to realise what was happening. He thought a rib was out and tried a chiropractic session before he got to our place, and a painkiller and a hot bath once here. I twigged what was going on when I gave him some Reiki and Theta Healing, during which he felt considerable relief, only to have the pain return as soon as I stopped.

I told Andrew to stay in bed, no sense him coming too – besides, I knew I’d need him to drive me to my teaching job next morning, because I'd be in no condition to do it myself after such a late night. Luckily he had business in the same town that day. But of course, when I finally got home from leaving James in hospital, Andrew was up waiting with cocoa, and had been giving James ‘distant’ Reiki.

James had already been gradually reducing his cigarette smoking. On his return here after the hospital stay, Andrew successfully cleared the addiction by using Thought Field Therapy. TFT has a very powerful process for clearing addictions. It took only a few minutes.

I really must try it on my chocoholism soon!
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I thought this was going to be a story with a happy ending, but it seems it’s not over yet.

I’ve been asked about Theta Healing. WriterHubby learnt it some time ago and has had some excellent results with it. I read the first book about it, which described the procedure in a very basic way, and I was able to work with it a little from that. This weekend I’m learning it more thoroughly and he's having a refresher.


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