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I've been having a lovely time lately, re-acquainting myself with haiku and tanka via the Carpe Diem blog hosted by Chevrefeuille, and learning new things about writing them – particularly haiku.
I've been responding to prompts, and have also been reading the very informative e-book, IN THE WAY OF BASHO, available free from the site.
Chevrefeuille often quotes the late Jane Reichhold who used to co-host with him. I particularly like the following: 
There is, thank goodness, no one way to write a haiku. Though the literature has haiku which we admire and even model our own works on, there is no one style or technique which is absolutely the best. Haiku is too large for that. Haiku has, in its short history been explored and expanded by writers so that now we have a fairly wide range of styles, techniques and methods to investigate.

– Jane Reichhold, haiku poet (1937-2016)


Jul. 5th, 2011 08:28 am
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Interview with poet/novelist Collin Kelley.

I'm participating in 'a river of stones' for July, posting 'small stones' at my Stones for the River blog

And here's the latest 'Tanka onTuesday":

I look outside
hoping to find poetry
in my garden.
Instead it sits on the pane:
spider too small to breathe on.
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only two red leaves
among thick dark green
on the poinsettia
but I thought it was dead
at the end of summer


our green autumn
was good for the plants
now winter
beginning tomorrow
comes in with flowers
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the one bloom
on my autumn rose
heavy with fullness
petals beginning to curl

and tiny white clouds
a sky
deceptively light
ahead of the rain

these mirrors
tell me I’m growing old
and still
happiness fills me
with dancing light
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the bed is full
he breathes beside me
I feel balanced
the weight of him there
restored, secures me
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feel like death
not dying, sneezing
not drowning)
and you in hospital
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Crows calling.
I’m looking at a picture
of a dead man,
thinking of the many times
I looked at his living face.
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 5pm cool

I go out walking

wave at others

all we fat women

out walking at dusk

(Reposted from facebook)

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cooler nights

we sleep longer

wake startled

cats hungry, sun high

our heads thick with dreams

(reposted from facebook)

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fluttering ibis
make black and white patterns
against the sky
a crow caws on a rooftop
dusk settles on the hill


we can’t not watch
the latest earthquake views
dumb with horror
I go out and walk my dusk
contemplating darkness

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I’ve become prone
to silly misjudgments
since my friend died:
arriving late or early,
locking myself outside ...

Reposted from Tanka on Tuesday at facebook:!/home.php?sk=group_169455796411886&ap=1

The new site on fb replaces the one on MySpace — which is still there as an archive:
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I make poetry
first thing in the morning
instead of breakfast.
Is a hungry husband
worth my fulfilment?

Reposted from the new Tanka on Tuesday page on facebook, where we are having lots of fun!
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non-stop rain here
the weeks of her dying there
too far away
I say my goodbyes in thought
listening to the rain fall

Reposted from facebook (the Tanka on Tuesday site has moved from MySpace)
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quiet drive
after the meeting
empty roads
warm soft darkness
and my man waiting
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Sunny morning.
I open the blinds
just enough.
The street is quiet,
the garden shines.


Melbourne Cup Day:
dawning excitement.
The winner will be
the best horse in the world —
so you think.

(The first one also counts as a 'free' tanka —
and probably only Ausies will find the second witty.)


Third best as it turned out. Like everyone, I wanted So You Think to win for the sake of the trainer, Bart Cummings, in his eighties now and just out of hospital. It would have been his 13th Cup. But I saw the winner, Americain, paraded a few minutes before the race began, and remarked on what a magnificent horse he is. And it was a beautiful run by both horse and jockey.
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I’m lying in bed
reading a tale of dragons.
I must get up, must
put the cacti back outside:
daylight-safe from gekko bites.

(Reposted from MySpace)
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The day so far

Take man for blood test,
walk briskly by river bank,
trip and nearly fall,
write and mail urgent letter,
forget to create tanka....

(Reposted from MySpace)
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rain rain rain
the paddocks are lakes
the creeks overflow
I drive in the dark
on a narrowed road
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(Reposted form MySpace. And yes, I'm posting early this week —
got a madly busy day tomorrow.)

‘Black snow’ again,
a sudden attack
out of nowhere.
Shut the car window!
They’re burning the cane.
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Thought (a little belatedly) that I'd better post this, for the kind
friends who expressed concern about the gloomy one!

the fog lifts
to a sunny morning
and good news
I read over breakfast
in bed with man and cats



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