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We received a letter from the Housing Department. We have been on a waiting list for low-cost housing for years. Last we heard, we still had a ten-year wait ahead of us. But now that WriterHubby has turned 80, we are given priority. They can’t say exactly when an offer will happen. The man I spoke to last night said, ‘We don’t know if we’ll get a vacancy in the next three months.’ The woman I spoke to today said cautiously that we’re well ahead in the running and will probably get an offer within 12 months.

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The Move

Jan. 17th, 2009 12:18 am
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Here we are bang in the middle of it, virtually camping in our present home, surrounded by chaos and increasing dust, as we fill boxes with glassware, knick-knacks, and books, books, books, books, books…. Read more... )
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Good news - the Carer's Allowance is not a mere $43 a fortnight as I thought; that was just to tide me over until xmas, it seems. It's quite a bit more than that - only the letter advising me about it apparently went astray in the xmas mail; anyway it never turned up. Fortunately there was a follow-up letter and I've got it all sorted, including providing Centrelink with extra ID documents needed.

Other news (maybe not bad, but at present not thrilling): The landlord just came around, to regretfully deliver us our notice in person. We have until end of March. His rent is going up, so he feels he might as well move back into his own place. (He and landlady have amicable divorce and don't live together. They jointly own this place - and maybe the house she and the kids are in, for all I know; anyway she doesn't rent. A grown-up daughter will move in with him here to help him.) They already raised our rent quite recently, and we considered moving out then - so obviously they're not going to do that again to cover his rise.

Oddly enough, we're not all that upset about it. It didn't feel right to move when they raised the rent, but right now we're calm and positive; it feels like time.  We have enjoyed our time here, though!

We're on a 10-year waiting list for special housing. Perhaps the fact that I'm now officially a carer plus the fact that we HAVE to move will help get us up the list ... though there must be many other more desperate cases.

Interesting - 5 years seems about our time limit at any of the wonderful places the Universe has found us. (For a couple of relatively disastrous places, where we were plonked down specifically so's I could do some spiritual teaching/mentoring to some very special kids, the limit was 6 months.)

The poor dear landlord, looking very hangdog about the whole thing, said he'd help us move if need be, when I mentioned that the cost of moving was daunting. Actually another local friend said similar, so we should be pretty right there.

When I murmured that I hadn't kept up with the cobwebbing and stuff very well lately, he said, 'Oh, don't worry about any of that!' But we have until March 1st, and the place isn't THAT neglected, in fact only some bits of it neglected at all, so I'll be able to attend to it bit by bit. Anyway, as you can see, it's all very amicable.

First Stepson, phoned by his father a minute ago, said, 'Start throwing stuff out that you're not keeping.' Good advice! And he'd know, having had two major moves in the last few years.

Yesterday in our nearest town we bumped into an old landlady who shares the same (unusual) Christian name as the present one. That old move was distressing at the time but turned out for the best, so I am now regarding the encounter as a sweet reminder from the Universe to trust this outcome too.


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