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I've been having a lovely time lately, re-acquainting myself with haiku and tanka via the Carpe Diem blog hosted by Chevrefeuille, and learning new things about writing them – particularly haiku.
I've been responding to prompts, and have also been reading the very informative e-book, IN THE WAY OF BASHO, available free from the site.
Chevrefeuille often quotes the late Jane Reichhold who used to co-host with him. I particularly like the following: 
There is, thank goodness, no one way to write a haiku. Though the literature has haiku which we admire and even model our own works on, there is no one style or technique which is absolutely the best. Haiku is too large for that. Haiku has, in its short history been explored and expanded by writers so that now we have a fairly wide range of styles, techniques and methods to investigate.

– Jane Reichhold, haiku poet (1937-2016)
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Desperate, thirsty, sleep-deprived, he was almost at the end of his tether. Then he found it: [ profile] fridayhaiku
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wrestle computer
eat, walk, shop, talk to husband,
wrestle computer

(it's old and it's slow
and being that way myself
too much frustration)

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still in warm nightwear
should be transcribing Minutes
it's too cold for work

(More of a senryu really.)

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(Last Wednesday's prompt from Poetic Asides)

Young and poor, I found

an orange in the gutter
shining like the sun.


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