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I have a few new friends lately, so it's time I let you all know about [ profile] fridayhaiku 

If any of you feel inspired, it would be interesting to have a few more participants!  (And readers, of course, since current participants often produce wonderful stuff which deserves wide appreciation.)

While I'm posting links ... if you're on twitter you can follow me at SnakyPoet and if you're on facebook you can find me here.

PS If the fb link doesn't work for you, copy and paste:

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K, rescinding all previous instructions. (Upon realising that LJ and MySpace are very different and what works there doesn't do so well here.)

Let's make it simple. If you have a haiku for The Friday haiku community, please post it as a new post to [ profile] fridayhaiku  Put subject heading "For Friday July 18th".

Some of you have kindly posted things already today; please shunt them over there now instead (except for [ profile] satyapriya  who did).

Sorry if my last post on this matter was confusing! (Sorry if this one is, too.)


Jul. 12th, 2008 12:07 pm
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OK, I succumbed! I have been persuaded by the irresistible enthusiasm of haikuist and new friend [profile] wicapis to start a Friday Haiku page here, like my Haiku on Friday profile on MySpace, which has been going for 18 months or so and is great fun. I made the name here a bit different; this one will surely grow to be an entity in its own right, a sibling rather than a clone.

The idea is that I start it off every Friday (which comes earlier in Australia than for you Northern Hemisphere folks, lol) and others then add their own haiku, or comment on everyone else's, or both. On LJ the most practical way to set this up seemed to be to create a new community. So I did, and you can find it by going to my [personal profile] snakypoet profile. I made it as accessible as I could, so that it won't involve me in extra work - so you don't really have to be a member to participate, but I think there must be some advantages in joining, like seeing new posts on your Friends Page, perhaps.

If you didn't receive a personal invitation to become a member, please consider yourself invited anyhow! (It's just that I am new to LJ and fairly inept at making it work for me, yet.)

I propose that people contribute all week, up until I start the ball rolling again the following Friday - so please be welcome to add your gems now!
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After the cold night
sunshine, blue skies and birdsong,
my rose opening.



(See comments below)

No no, we're not doing it here. This is for my private ramblings. I have created a Friday Haiku community; go to my profile page to follow the link.
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This overcast day
my cat on the garden bin
finds one patch of sun.

The lovely [profile] wicapis asked if I'm going to run a "Haiku on Friday" page here as I do on MySpace. Well, no. I just counted up, and including this one I am now running 11 blogs! I think it's enough.

And I notice there are already several haiku groups on LJ, as well as many individual haiku writers doing lovely work, so I don't think there's a need.

But I decided I'll post my own Friday haiku here too, as they happen, for those who enjoy reading haiku. (This one's only a teeny bit late!) And if other people want to post haiku of their own in the comments, or post a link there to haiku in their own journals, please feel welcome! It's just that I want to be laid-back about it, here.


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