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A friend has just named my latest car. She called it the Red Racey. Great name!

Usually I don't name cars. Spouse always does. Our last was Emma - I have no idea why.

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yes, the new car
is still here in our yard
this morning

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Which we did not expect when we woke up this morning. It was all very sudden. Beloved Spouse saw a notice, rang the bloke up, liked what he heard, we went and had a look and a drive, and got it! It's the same as what we've been driving all these years, only a later model with refinements such as central locking. It's in very good nick and was a real bargain. (And it's red.) Oh the joy of having a car that goes properly again!

Many thanks to all for the excellent well-wishing! I oughta pay you - if today's little effort hadn't taken most of this fortnight's pension money. (Anyone want to buy a psychic reading in a hurry?) Luckily we didn't have any major commitments this fortnight.

It will be a bit frugal. At the Pagans in the Pub meet-up tonight, we drank iced water. (Instead of the usual ginger beer or lemon, lime and bitters. Real alkies we Pagans - not). We were so thrilled about the car, it felt as if we  were on champagne!
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OK everyone, please put energy into solving my dying car/low income/poor public transport problem. Send prayer, magick, Reiki, large amounts cash...

You all did such a good job when we were desperate for new computers! :)


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