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by President Obama.

Oh go on, just read it - all of it! At New York Times.

And then, if you'd like to support it, please sign the AVAAZ petition.
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Reposted from: Avaaz

Dear friends,

Burma's democracy leader and Nobel Peace prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been locked up on new trumped up charges, just days before her 13 years of detention was due to expire. She and thousands of fellow monks and students have been imprisoned for bravely challenging the brutal military regime with peaceful calls for democracy.

The Burmese regime is renown for its vicious repression of any threat to full military control - thousands are in jail in inhumane conditions and denied any medical care, there are ongoing abuses of human rights, there is violent repression of ethnic groups, and over a million have been forced into refuge across the border.

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Repost of email received from AVAAZ:

Dear Australian Friends,

Put your name to this urgent petition by Monday demanding Australia's chief advisor on climate change, Professor Garnaut, recommend tough greenhouse gas cuts in his final report to the government.

Click (below) to Sign Now!

We have just a 5 day window to influence the final Garnaut climate change report – the report that looks likely to shape Rudd's climate policies for years to come.

If the PM adopts Professor Garnaut's draft report released last week, you can say goodbye to any claim on global leadership on climate change – not to mention the Great Barrier Reef and the Kakadu Wetlands. Garnaut's current draft gives up on a decent global deal to avert climate catastrophe before we've even tried.

The Garnaut Secretariat has agreed to accept public input into the final draft before next Monday, so let's take full advantage of the opportunity.

Put your name to this petition, tell your friends -- and, if enough of us join together, we'll deliver with GetUp a massive notice to Professor Garnaut before the Monday 3pm deadline:

It is unlikely that the PM will announce deeper cuts than those included in the Garnaut Report - that's why it is so important that we demand Garnaut be as ambitious as possible. Up against some of the most ferocious lobbying this country has seen, we only have these few remaining days, to counter the voices of big business and the polluting industries.

We've all worked so hard to get to this point, let's not let the government stumble at this hurdle by getting bad advice. Garnaut wrongly believes that there isn't the political will to form a bold global consensus and so has recommended a 10% carbon pollution reduction target by 2020.

Before he makes his final decision, let's leave him in no doubt that Australians are part of the global consensus, and we demand bold action on climate -- with the delivery of this petition:

Professor Garnaut agrees that without significant emission reductions we face catastrophic climate change, he just needs to be persuaded that the national and international will is there to take the necessary steps to avert it. That is one thing we can provide him with. Put your name to the petition now, and we'll deliver it to him direct before this small window closes.

With hope,

Brett, Ben, Iain, Alice, Paul, Graziela, Pascal, Ricken and Milena -- the Avaaz team

Read the Garnaut draft report here.


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