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Every year I participate in the Poem A Day Challenge at Poetic Asides, a section of Writer's Digest. (Some aspects of National Poetry Month in the USA spread to other countries.) It involves me in lots of late nights and first drafts, and every year I think I'd be insane to take it on, but every year (so far) I do.

So that's why I have been pretty much absent from here. All the writing energy has gone there. If you're on facebook you probably know that, as I've posted links to the poems from time to time. Otherwise, here is a link which gives you all 30. (No, you don't have to read them all at once! Or even at all ... though of course I'd like it if you did.)
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For those who have been following along, elsewhere in the blogosphere —

Everyone who took part in the April Poem A Day Challenge this month is eligible to have a selection of their work considered for the Top 50 poems.  As we are required to self-select, my friend Jennie Fraine and I are going to help each other decide on our best pieces.  If any of my other readers have particular favourites, please let me know.  We have to submit our selections by May 5th.

Unfortunately some of the poems which people most responded to (Amanda Comes, Oh You Robinson, Dragons, Unpacking the Books …) are among the unprompted pieces which are not eligible.

The ones under consideration are (in order of writing) under the cut:

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Gone mad! Decided to do not only NaPoWriMo this month but also the April Poem A Day challenge at Poetic Asides (same deal, write a poem a day, this time to specific prompts) — regardless of First Stepson and three grand-daughters arriving tomorrow to stay a few days, and regardless of making public a whole 60 first drafts. 

They will be on my Passionate Crone blog if you want to keep track; also at my personal MySpace blog, for the rare few who are my friends both there and here.

Truly dedicated fans can even join my Rosemary's Readers group and receive poems in their email inbox from time to time — a deluge of poems this month!

Done this morning's lot. Now off to continue making garage habitable for First Stepson — emptying boxes of books onto shelves at last; leaving space on floor for borrowed mattress....  The girls will be invading Spouse's office and he might migrate the iMac to the living room — or just use it when they're out at places like Wet n Wild and Dreamworld.


Mar. 26th, 2010 12:33 am
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Or actually IntPoWriMo* as I'm not of the nation that has National Poetry Month in April.

Whatever you call it, I've decided I'm doing it. Other Aprils recently I've participated in the Poetic Asides Poem A Day challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer; and my first online experience of this kind, also repeated since, was the September month of poetry at Poewar, hosted by John Hewett. Both great fun and inspirational. Robert and John, in their respective months, offer prompts for participants.

NaPoWriMo is simpler, and perhaps more challenging — just write a poem a day.

They'll be at my Passionate Crone blog.

See you there in April!

*(International Poetry Month)

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Is at Poetic Asides.

I'm participating. NaNoWriMo for poets, lol.  Don't expect me to be active nor even very present here for the month!

Find my poems among hundreds of others (many marvellous!) at Poetic Asides, or on my blog The Passionate Crone - or join my Google group of Rosemary's Readers to have them float into your personal inbox as written.

Luv & kisses, cya later!


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