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 28. A photo of what you ate today.

I had to get someone else to take this photo, with the intention of posting it straight away, but they have only just sent it to me — so it was Thursday night actually, but it'll have to do. This is what we ate at the most recent of our regular Witches Brew meetings (a few local Pagans getting together for dinner once a fortnight). This time it was also my Spouse's birthday, and some of our friends had arranged this very delectable cake.

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Something's wrong with the camera, so Day 28 is still to come. Meanwhile ....

Day 30. A photo of when you were happy.

January 8th this year, after the Wendy Rule concert at Castle on the Hill, Uki.30
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(For Day 28 I need a working camera. Hope to have it functioning properly by tomorrow.)

29. A photo of someone you find attractive.

And a little something I wrote in 2008:

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27. A photo of last summer

That was when we moved to our present home, a year ago.

Here is the magickal Mt Warning (aka Wollumbin) which draws people to the area. 
We are closer to it now than we have ever been. I never want to live far from it.

And here is the new home, taken soon after moving in.

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26. A photo of your favorite weekend

My favourite weekends these days are spent pottering around home, blobbing out a bit.  At my age I've had so many good weekends of that and more exciting kinds, I couldn't possibly pick one favourite. But this particular weekend I'm in right now is shaping up well — because at last I'm back online, and also I am in love with the sexy new modem.

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25: A photo of a night you loved.

This is the Beloved at his 80th birthday party two years ago. (He is now just a week away from his 82nd). It was a great night shared with lots of his loving friends.

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24. A photo of you that your hair looks nice in

My graduation photo, 1962 (BA, University of Melbourne)

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23. A photo of your friend as a baby

Nothing available, sorry, except my - er - best-known friend.  I'm not mad on the first image here, but scroll down. The others are realer, and I particularly like the last one, of the baby looking over his mother's shoulder, for just that reason.

No doubt it will shock everyone in various ways that a Pagan witch like me calls Jesus her friend. I don't, however, view him in a churchy kind of way; and though there are Christo-Pagans, I'm not one of them. However he's a good friend in my experience, and perhaps we'll leave it at that.
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22. A photo of your town

But which is my town, the one Iive in now or the one I was born in? The one I live in now is in some ways reminiscent of the way the first one used to be, though they are far apart geographically, with very different climates. The first long ago became a (small) city.

This is where I live now. (Scroll to bottom of page too.)

It is much harder to find good pictures of my birthplace, so I am settling for more than one. It helps if you click on the second lot to make them bigger, but neither link gives you much idea of the town's real beauty. *Sigh.*
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21. A photo of you standing up

With Spouse, about to set off to a party, 2002

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20. A photo of something you enjoy doing

I am performing poetry with beautifully improvised musical background, in Vinny's Italian Café, Austin, Texas, April 2006 — an activity I always enjoy, on a particular occasion and in specific surroundings which I also enjoyed very much.

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19. A photo of you on a school trip

I don't have any of these either — but the most important school excursion was probably to see the young Queen Elizabeth II when she became the first reigning monarch to tour Australia in 1954. Schoolchildren were placed at the front of the crowd. We stood a long time to finally see a tiny figure wave from an open car. I almost fainted; some did. (Was that the beginning of my Republican leanings?)

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18. A photo of one of your classes

Long time since I was at school!  Here is one of 'my' classes, in that I'm facilitator of the WordsFlow writers' group. In this photo — the only group photo of WordsFlow that I have — Thom the World Poet is guest presenter, leading a workshop. We love Thom, who is an inspiring presenter, and grab him for a workshop whenever he returns from his present home in Texas, USA (every couple of years). Most of the group, including me, are out of shot, but it's the best I can come up with for this photo.

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17. A drunk photo of you

(I think they mean 'a photo of you, drunk'.   Grammar Police here!)

I haven't been drunk for decades and don't have any photos I can post.  But here is a photo of me with Spouse, drinking something which could conceivably be alcoholic (though it's probably not) taken about 2000, I think.

Upon reflection I realise this must have been my 60th birthday party in November of 1999, and the drink probably was alcoholic. :)

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16. A photo of you at the last party you went to

That was yesterday: Christmas with our friends, the Soprano Sorceress and the Silly Wizard, at their coastal home. Here's Spouse 'n' me in our party hats after pulling our crackers.

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15. A photo of you and someone you love

With Youngest Goddaughter aged 4 months, June 2009.
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14. A photo of one of your favorite family members

My niece Ellie, with me at Spouse's Youngest's 40th birthday party in Melbourne in 2007.  She is the daughter of my late stepsister, so we're not blood relations but we feel as if we are.

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13. A photo of your best friend(s)

Definitely plural.

My Spouse and dear companion. We often exasperate each other, but we also love and appreciate each other, have shared values and a lot of shared tastes, and enjoy hanging out togther.
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