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Weight Loss Update

How’s the secret diet?” asks Stepdaughter with a naughty laugh in her voice. I don’t even think, as I reply that I’ve lapsed a bit during this hard winter of lingering colds and low energy. Only afterwards the word registers: “diet”.

People just won’t get it.


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My results have been gradual, which of course is the healthy way to do it. And because my proportions haven’t much changed, it sometimes seems to me that I can’t have lost a great deal. But there is incontrovertible evidence:

•    Someone I haven’t seen in a while encounters me in the supermarket, looks startled, and makes a gesture with her hands to indicate that I’ve got a lot narrower.
•    I look down and notice that now I see only boobs jutting out, not tummy.
•    I can do up my lovely black trench coat again, which I couldn’t last year. (It doesn’t look good belted yet, but at least it buttons easily and comfortably.)
•    And – a mixed blessing – a friend gives me some gorgeous designer hand-me-downs which look wonderful on me; and only two weeks later they’re so much too big for me that they’ve become unflattering.

“How much have you lost?” people have been asking.  I’ve been telling them I don’t know; we’re not doing that.

“I know by how my clothes fit,” I say, “Or by how slender my calves are looking these days, or how much new energy I’ve got.”

We’re having a hiatus in the actual filming (though it’s not over yet). We have all the tools now; it’s a matter of continuing to use them. I found myself slacking off a bit, so I sought new motivation. Also, I got curious. I went to the doctor and asked to be weighed.

I was thrilled to find I’ve lost two stone (12.7 kilos). I had no idea it was so much! I have more than that still to lose, but that’s all right, I’m still losing it.

I look forward to the day when I can share the details of our remarkable program, so that you can do it too if you wish.

People can’t get that it’s not about food. I say “weight loss program” and they hear “diet”. I mention something about writing in my diary, and they assume I’m keeping  a food diary. No, it’s REALLY not a conventional weight loss program, it’s really not arduous, we’re really not depriving ourselves of anything – nor are we taking any special pills or potions – and it really does work!
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Delightful things people have said to me lately

Friend who brought me flowers on my birthday: ‘I can tell when I hug you that you’ve lost about four inches around your waist.’

Colleague encountered at the movies: ‘You’re looking good, Rosemary. Something’s working!’

Letitia, film director, during phone-call: ‘It really shows in the pictures from the latest filming. You’ve lost heaps!’

Conversations which amuse me

Neighbour, in our shared driveway: ‘You’re on a diet?’
Me: ‘No.’
Neighbour: ‘Oh, are you just being careful what you eat?’
Me: 'No, not at all. I eat what I like.’

Husband, at home yesterday: ‘I can’t understand how you’re losing so much weight! You’re eating like a horse.’
Me: ‘Well you know I’m not allowed to tell you. But you live with me – you must be able to see what I’m doing.’
Husband: ‘Nothing! It’s a mystery.’

Other things I’m not doing

Just for the record, Husband is wrong; I am of course doing something. I’m doing Letitia’s program, with the consent of my doctor.  And yes, I have signed a contract not to reveal the details. You’ll all have to wait until the film is released.

However, I do have permission to tell you what I’m not doing – besides not dieting.

I’m not cutting out fat; I’m not even cutting it down.

I haven’t lowered my sugar intake. (It wasn’t all that high to start with, but I do indulge in cakes, biscuits and chocolate whenever I feel like it.)

I’m not doing any strenuous exercise.

I’m not taking any appetite suppressants, diuretics, or ‘speedy’ chemicals.

I’m not using dietary supplements.

I haven’t been hypnotised.

Pleasant surprises

A month ago I bought some new slacks. I got them from the op shop because I knew I’d be growing out of them fairly soon. It was a lot sooner than I thought! Within a week they had gone from a perfect fit to being rather loose. By now, the waistband sags about three inches below my navel.

I fit back into the black satin pants my friend Pam gave me, which I haven’t worn for nearly two years.

Today I had to do up my bra on the second row of hooks.

(If you're desperate for clues, check Letitia's thinkin trim taut terrific website.)

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This Saturday we had our second film shoot, three weeks after the first, and began working with Letitia's techniques. Just as well I signed a contract not to reveal details before the film is released, otherwise I'd be tempted. I already think it's such a wonderful program that I'd love to share it with the world! But of course that is exactly what the film will do, in such a way that people who view it can benefit too, much more than they would from any snippets I might describe along the way. And in fact I don't yet know what the whole program will be; the cast gets it one step at a time. Let's just say I'm finding it very exciting!

Already we are starting to get to know each other at deeper levels, so the bonding created on the first shoot proves very necessary. We need to be able to trust each other; luckily Letitia has chosen her people well so that's not a problem. We are Letitia herself, a success coach in her thirties; me: a poet / author / teacher / healer / psychic in my sixties; a mechanic in his forties; a teacher in her twenties; an 18-year-old autistic boy attending a special school; and a 16-year-old girl who is a High School student and wants to become a photographer. Although we're such different people, leading such different lives, we are all committed to our goals and willing to be open with each other about our experiences and processes.

Most importantly, we all trust Letitia, which is obviously vital. Not only do we know she's been there and done that, but some of us already knew her quite well as a person in our lives.

As for the camera people and other assistants, they blend in well. We've been told to forget they're there during the actual filming, and it's surprisingly easy to do so despite lights, boom, and cameras on tripods. Perhaps that's because what we're up to ourselves is so absorbing.

Letitia Lee

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I'm in a movie! We began filming yesterday. In the process, over the next 12 months I'm going to become slim, fit and gorgeous!

Thinkin' Trim Taut Terrific is the business name and website of my dear friend Letitia Lee, who is making this film with the encouragement of the film production company Screenworks. Letitia describes her film not as a documentary but "a reality film from the heart".


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