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Well one mystery is solved - or several in one. I couldn't figure out

(a) why some people a while back complained that they couldn't set their longer posts to show only a little on the friends page, by virtue of "Read more" link.

(b) why kind people told me the html for creating links and/or even suggested I download special programs to do it for me.

'Duh - just compose in Rich text,' I was thinking. It makes life so easy! The icons do it all (only I hadn't at that stage realised the LJ user link icon also worked for groups).

The recent post from the LJ board enlightens me - not all browsers have been allowing for RT. Until now, that is. No wonder some people imagined I was so proficient at html! (I can do the basics actually; had to learn 'em for MySpace, where my browser didn't support RT - but things have just changed for the better there too.)

Well, happy RT-ing, folks, if you've missed out until now!

Unsolved mystery

Is there a way to count one's viewer statistics on LJ? 

(i) Some automatic way LJ does it for you ... if only I could find out where to see this?

(ii) Or do I have to download an external stat counter to my LJ? 
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I am spending far too much time here for the good of my health - mainly because I can't figure out a lot of stuff. Yes I have read LJ instructions about the above question. Doesn't make any sense to me! If some kind person could take me through it step by step, in one-syllable words as to idiot ...?
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K, rescinding all previous instructions. (Upon realising that LJ and MySpace are very different and what works there doesn't do so well here.)

Let's make it simple. If you have a haiku for The Friday haiku community, please post it as a new post to [ profile] fridayhaiku  Put subject heading "For Friday July 18th".

Some of you have kindly posted things already today; please shunt them over there now instead (except for [ profile] satyapriya  who did).

Sorry if my last post on this matter was confusing! (Sorry if this one is, too.)


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