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If you or anyone close to you has something serious going on, I can enlist the help of WorldWide Reiki. For that I need:

1) the person's permission

2) their full name

3) their location (street address ideal, city or suburb good)

4) the condition/s needing healing
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I get really tired of hearing that friends are sick, when they are deep in the throes or already recovered.

It's unintelligent for healers to be rescuers, and unethical for them to do their thing unasked. Sometimes people need to experience their illnesses for some reason, and some enlightened souls simply want to be with whatever comes. But most people would rather get better, sooner than later.

So, if you would like some help, you gotta put in a request. My qualifications are on my profile page. If you want orthodox medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, physio, osteo or anything of that ilk – I'm not your girl. But some 'distant' energy work is always on the cards, and I don't charge my friends money for that.  If you come to my place for a session in person, or if you want a psychic reading, then I'll very happily take your cash. But a 'zap' from here when you're under the weather would be my pleasure. Send me a message if it's desired.  Don't forget! And don't think you're imposing. It's far more annoying to think of people suffering unnecessarily. Makes me feel under-appreciated, and you know how snaky that makes me!
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The Flower Healer: Flower-essence Medicine for Healing The Flower Healer: Flower-essence Medicine for Healing by Barbara Olive

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautifully produced book, this is lovely to both the eye and the touch. It explains what flower essences are and how to use them, in accessible language, drawing on the author's own experiences to illustrate the points she makes. This section is simply a lovely read, as well as informative!

Then there's a detailed, illustrated account of the flower essences stocked by Essence World, her shop and clinic in Eton, England – a comprehensive range of essence systems, lesser known than such systems as Bach and Australian Bush Flowers, and very much deserving to be widely known. (I have personal experience of some of them.) It includes a list of physical symptoms, possible emotional causes, and the appropriate essences to use. There are even lists of essences for cats and dogs, and a special section on working with children.

With a reading list, an excellent index, and a directory of the essence manufacturers whose ranges are included, 'comprehensive' is the word for the whole book - that, and 'beautiful'.

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I recently posted all my professional details on my profile page – because I’m frankly a trifle miffed that two friends, at least one of whom might be expected to know better, have asked lately whether some healing I was doing for them (independently of each other) might have untoward side effects.

I mean, really – don’t they know that I know what I’m doing? I’ve done a bit of training these last few years … like, 20 years and 34 separate qualifications in the field of healing.

OK, so they were sick and vulnerable at the time, and it was their anxiety speaking. Even so….

In all forms of Reiki, in Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, and particularly in Magick, intention is crucial. It’s also powerful. Just take my word for it, guys, that I wouldn’t be intending any unwanted side effects; indeed, if any were likely, I would be actively intending that they not manifest.

One of the people concerned assured me he hadn’t meant to imply I would do anything wrong on purpose. Fine, but I would be most unlikely to have any accidents in these matters either. I’m a Master of all sorts of energy systems, and in most cases have held that status for many years. When I began my journey of healing Mastery, with the Usui System of Natural Healing known as Reiki, I was trained in the old-fashioned way, involving several years of close supervision. Building on an already solid foundation in Reiki I and II, it was thorough, disciplined, rigorous and personal. I sure didn’t get from untrained to Mastery in one weekend!

And that was only the beginning of the journey….

You can trust that my expertise is adequate and my intentionality sufficient.
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No sooner did I declare I was in a healer phase than I was presented with a friend’s medical drama. Our old mate James came to stay with us, and the night he arrived he had a heart attack and I ended up driving him to hospital around 3 a.m. He was transferred to another hospital and had an angioplasty, i.e. a stent was inserted into an artery that had totally closed. He’s back with us again now and has made a remarkable recovery.

Luckily he was pretty healthy in general; that helped. Also I did a lot of Reiki when it happened, and since. My nurse neighbour tells me there is ‘a very small window’ and is sure the Reiki must have been instrumental in saving his life – because it took a while to realise what was happening. He thought a rib was out and tried a chiropractic session before he got to our place, and a painkiller and a hot bath once here. I twigged what was going on when I gave him some Reiki and Theta Healing, during which he felt considerable relief, only to have the pain return as soon as I stopped.

I told Andrew to stay in bed, no sense him coming too – besides, I knew I’d need him to drive me to my teaching job next morning, because I'd be in no condition to do it myself after such a late night. Luckily he had business in the same town that day. But of course, when I finally got home from leaving James in hospital, Andrew was up waiting with cocoa, and had been giving James ‘distant’ Reiki.

James had already been gradually reducing his cigarette smoking. On his return here after the hospital stay, Andrew successfully cleared the addiction by using Thought Field Therapy. TFT has a very powerful process for clearing addictions. It took only a few minutes.

I really must try it on my chocoholism soon!
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This Saturday we had our second film shoot, three weeks after the first, and began working with Letitia's techniques. Just as well I signed a contract not to reveal details before the film is released, otherwise I'd be tempted. I already think it's such a wonderful program that I'd love to share it with the world! But of course that is exactly what the film will do, in such a way that people who view it can benefit too, much more than they would from any snippets I might describe along the way. And in fact I don't yet know what the whole program will be; the cast gets it one step at a time. Let's just say I'm finding it very exciting!

Already we are starting to get to know each other at deeper levels, so the bonding created on the first shoot proves very necessary. We need to be able to trust each other; luckily Letitia has chosen her people well so that's not a problem. We are Letitia herself, a success coach in her thirties; me: a poet / author / teacher / healer / psychic in my sixties; a mechanic in his forties; a teacher in her twenties; an 18-year-old autistic boy attending a special school; and a 16-year-old girl who is a High School student and wants to become a photographer. Although we're such different people, leading such different lives, we are all committed to our goals and willing to be open with each other about our experiences and processes.

Most importantly, we all trust Letitia, which is obviously vital. Not only do we know she's been there and done that, but some of us already knew her quite well as a person in our lives.

As for the camera people and other assistants, they blend in well. We've been told to forget they're there during the actual filming, and it's surprisingly easy to do so despite lights, boom, and cameras on tripods. Perhaps that's because what we're up to ourselves is so absorbing.

Letitia Lee

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I'm in a movie! We began filming yesterday. In the process, over the next 12 months I'm going to become slim, fit and gorgeous!

Thinkin' Trim Taut Terrific is the business name and website of my dear friend Letitia Lee, who is making this film with the encouragement of the film production company Screenworks. Letitia describes her film not as a documentary but "a reality film from the heart".


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