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Goodness, how can it be eight already?

Walking back from the shops this afternoon, I noticed I was happy ... for no special reason.

But I could find reasons.

  • It was a beautiful day.
  • There's a forecast of sunny for tomorrrow, so it should be a good market.
  • I found enough stones on Kingscliff Beach to replenish the give-away gratitude rocks, of which I only had six left. (They go like the proverbial hot cakes.)
  • Normally I choose pretty or interesting stones; today I had to take what I could get - and realised all stones are beautiful or interesting or both.
  • WriterHubby's acupuncture treatment this morning stopped the pain in his legs.
  • We've got chicken satay sticks for dinner, followed by cheesecake.
  • I followed some links from people on twitter and heard/read some wonderful poetry online.

 And so on and so on and so on. A good day!

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Had client visit for psychic reading.  Lovely man, wonderful reading. I love how people are drawn to me for this purpose. As so often happens, he needed not only a psychic but me specifically - or at least someone with my particular areas of expertise and life experience.

And it saved our bacon financially, enabling me to put into the bank money I MUST have there for a scheduled payment on Monday.


1) A colleague noticed I am losing weight.

2) The Firstborn sent me $100 towards my computer fund.

3) WriterHubby came to the writers' group, was welcomed, and enjoyed it.

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LOTS of things to be happy about today.

My Tai Chi class this morning was lovely, as always. It was a smallish class today: two newcomers, and two of us who still feel new and inexperienced – but when we two were asked to demonstrate Ta Chi to the others, as far as we’ve learnt, we got through it beautifully twice over.

I went for a walk.

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Oh the joy of NOT having a smoke alarm that goes off interminably whenever you burn the toast or open the oven. (In our last house we had one that did - for 5 years - and couldn't disconnect it as it was attached to the wiring.)

I burnt the toast a little this morning, and - silence! It makes even burning the toast a joy. :-D
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I'm very happy to have finished my blog about Thom's workshop.

It's not merely the fact of having completed it, but rather the fact that in the writing of it I got to relive a splendid afternoon that reminded me who I am. That was on Friday – the day before I began the Eight Days, or that afternoon would have qualified for sure. And see, it does anyway, a happy occasion that carries forward, reviving whenever I think of it.

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Transmemed from [ profile] ishte 

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

I'm skipping the tagging. Do it if you like. (As [ profile] ishte  said too.) I am, because I think it's a lovely idea.

So for my first day – seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with WriterHubby.

I had a client coming for a psychic reading, who cancelled at the last minute because he's got a virus. His wife assured me he'll make another appointment when he's well. Meanwhile I looked at the movie program and said, "Oh, we could go and see Harry Potter". So we did, and we loved it.

In both the books and the movies, I must say I have great affection for the character of Luna – an eccentric psychic who dresses weird; perhaps I identify.  :)


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