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Just moved over from LiveJournal. The new environment looks good so far, and I loved the welcome letter. (I suppose I should go back and say so in the comments there, so our hosts know I appreciated it. Tomorrow.)

Not quite sure yet what I'll be using this journal for, apart from keeping track of others who have moved from LJ. I have much more public blogs for poetry, memoir, witchery and miscellany. I'll be wanting to use this for stuff that I feel is too private and personal to post on any of them, yet not so deep, dark and secret that it goes in my absolutely private journal (blog) that is seen by no eyes except my own.

So I might not be posting here a lot, because really I am not so very private a person and don't have much to keep hidden. Even the completely secret journal is seldom used, and mostly only for rough drafts of things that will be made more public later but I just want to stash them somewhere until I have more time to polish them.

Now that I've convinced you I'm thoroughly boring ... well, I might be! But I expect I'll be here more to read than to write. Of course, I might post lots of photos of my cat....

Meanwhile my old LJ entries should be being imported here any old time now.

Later:  And here they are! Right behind this entry. Seems odd that the most recent are clearly written at, and to LJ. I might put a wee note on them, to that effect.
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